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At Cascade Subaru, we believe in operating under our GUEST principle: Greet every guest with Undivided attention, Engaged enthusiasm, Smile and smile again, and Thank them for visiting us at Cascade Subaru. Our Subaru dealership in Wenatchee, WA, takes the Subaru Love Promise seriously, which is why you'll always find us going above and beyond to meet your needs and the needs of the community. We've played an active role in the Wenatchee community for over 80 years and are happy to say that we've been making a difference in the lives of many -- both at our dealership and out in the community.

Why Buy From Cascade Subaru

It goes without saying that we truly care about our customers, which is why we'd like to hear from you about your most recent trip to our Subaru dealership. Whether you came by to talk with our Subaru financing team about your lease or loan options, schedule a service appointment with our Subaru service center or just to shop our showroom, we want to hear about your experience!

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