Cascade Subaru-Wenatchee at Horse Lake Viewpoint

Horse Lake Viewpoint Hike
Another Subaru Outdoor Getaway
#2: Subaru Kid's Hike... Making New Friends


I think we're going to be hiking this one alone, I thought. It was almost 10 a.m. and I was sitting on a picnic table at the Horse Lake Viewpoint trailhead in the already sweltering heat. My almost-three-year-old son, Roper, was running around kicking up dust and waiting for his "new friends" to arrive. I didn't have the heart to tell him that we might be the only ones to show up.

And then it happened.

Cars began pouring into the parking lot and Roper greeted each one with excitement because in his mind each car contained his best friend - even if they'd never met. The kids all started playing and chasing each other around while the parents introduced themselves. It looked like Subaru Kid's Club, a joint venture between Cascade Subaru and, was going to be a success. Eleven adults and fifteen kids participated.
We kept the whole outing informal. I wanted everyone to go at their own pace since some parents were chasing excited kids while others were pushing big strollers or carrying babies in slings. The destination was in sight of the trailhead so I wasn't too concerned about losing anyone.

Also, trying to get that many kids to do the same thing at the same time is kind of like herding cats. I'm not known for my cat herding skills.

Shortly into the trip Ray came across a rattle snake, but only a few of us saw it before it headed back into the bushes. Prior to starting the hike I discussed with the kids what to do if they saw a snake (stay still and tell an adult) but only a couple people had a chance to see if before it snuck away.

Staying Cool

My son and his buddy, Otto, each had a spray bottle full of cool water to spray on themselves when they got hot. Roper took the liberty of spraying each and every person on the hike. Multiple times. It kept him entertained and luckily everyone appeared to be good-natured. At least, I didn't hear anyone threatening his life. That's generally my yardstick for measuring people's level of tolerance.

The whole crew made it up to the view point where the parents read signs about local flora and fauna while the kids played on and under the benches. The views of the valley from Horse Lake viewpoint are spectacular ? you can see up toward Cashmere and downriver toward Malaga. The skyline is full of identifiable peaks.

We explored the area, the kids pointing out everything they could see down below including bridges, orchards, railroad tracks and trucks. TRUCKS! Seeing trucks cross the bridge was a highlight to a couple of the boys. It gave the hike a new shine to see it through the kids' eyes.

And then we headed down. Some kids kicked up dust and they ran ahead of their handlers. Other kids slowly meandered down the path, still taking in the sights. As we got to the parking lot we decided that yes, we would indeed continue these outings.

Finding Shade

Cars pulled out. Some of the kids escaped the searing heat by hiding in the only shade they could find ? under a picnic table. Slowly the parking lot emptied. Roper and I wandered across the road to the Sage Hills trail and walked for bit to get the rest of his wiggles out. When we returned, he asked, "Where did my friends go?"

I assured him that we'd see them again soon.

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Molly Steere
July, 2012 - Wenatchee, Washington

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Horse Lake Viewpoint Hike
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