Cascade Subaru-Wenatchee at Ohme Gardens

Ohme Gardens Oasis
Another Subaru Outdoor Getaway
#3 Ohme Gardens: Wonder and Connection at a Summer Oasis


After our good natured parents, grandparents and kiddos endured searing sun (Horse Lake Viewpoint) and risked being carried off by swarms of hungry mosquitoes (Horan Natural Area) I figured they deserved a break. A cool, bug-free kind of break.

Enter Ohme Gardens.

Ohme Gardens is a beautiful oasis of native plants, pond, streams, viewpoints and picnic areas.  It's easily one of the best places to spend a hot afternoon without having to leave town.  To learn more about the inspiring story of the Ohme family and the amazing garden they cultivated for 70 years before selling it to the Washington State Parks and Recreation, read about the garden's history on Ohme Gardens' website.

I knew this Subaru Kid's Club outing would be one of our most popular due to its close proximity to town and raw beauty. I arrived early with my son Roper and thanked Ohme Gardens for having us, and especially for granting us the special school rate to get in. We then sat back and watched the kids and their handlers roll in, car after car.

Roper was too busy playing with his cars in the dirt to help greet this time, but I was thrilled to greet so many friends, old and new. The kids were excited and milling about in the main garden as we waited for the final stragglers.  We know how hard it is to wrangle a posse of kids into the car to get somewhere on time, so we try to wait for everyone to arrive before beginning our outing.

For the record, I have given up on group shots of the kids. Our outings keep growing and it just feels like a punishment to force the kids to all stand still and smile when there is so much to see, feel, smell, and yes, taste. These outings are a cacophony of sensory stimuli for the little ones.

In lieu of group photos, I follow behind the group trying to catch a few candid shots, but mostly just enjoying the enthusiasm of the kids.

The flowers! The stream! The fish! The bridge! Look mom, we can climb these STAIRS!

I adore the way little ones can meet fellow little ones for the first time and immediately become Best Friends. What's that song? Love the One You're With? They do that. And they do it well. They hold hands, share toys and point out the treasures they've spotted.

I watched three boys get such a kick out of washing their hands in the wishing well, that they all ended up soaked and we had to strip off their shirts.  This new level of freedom seemed to energize them even more.

After exploring all of the trails (a little over a mile in total) and everything the garden had to offer, most of us reconvened on the main lawn to let the kids burn off the rest of their energy while the parents chatted.  While my son ran around like a mad man, somersaulting and jumping, I reconnected with moms I hadn't seen in far too long, and met new moms who quickly turned to fast friends.

That was it.

That was the point of these Subaru Kid's Club outings. To instill an excitement and passion for the outdoors while giving the parents a chance to connect and enjoy each other's company. I can't wait for the next one!

Molly Steere
July, 2012 - Wenatchee, Washington

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Ohme Gardens
Wenatchee, Washington

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